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Prcanj (ita. Perzagno)

cover photo:
view towards Street of Lukovic Family in Prcanj


Waves hitting on the stone piers- Prcanj, Montenegro - recorded by Bogdan Kusevic. april 2013
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The town of Prcanj in Kotor municipality in Montenegro is a coastal town which traditionally relied on the maritime trade and such tradition has remained to the present day. Historically, the first mentions of it were in 1222 in the correspondence regarding the construction of St Johan Church. During the medieval age, the town was being developed in the upper level in the hill and it relied primarily on the local agriculture. Later, at the beginning of the 15th century, the town rapidly started to develop in the coastal region. Today Prcanj is well-known as a health resort, which was recognized at the congress of Yugoslavian pulmonologists in 1920s., and it attracts many visitors seeking for health improvement, sports training and family holiday in the peaceful scenery along the coast. It has a population of around 1,100.

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